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iPods threaten in-flight entertainment

Airlines subject to gadget onslaught
Airlines subject to gadget onslaught

Airlines keen to cater for all aspects of consumer satisfaction could find the in flight entertainment provided could become obsolete thanks to the simple plug socket.

Analysts believe that the recent wave of USB sockets and charging stations mean fliers are more likely to bring their own entertainment on board rather than be at the mercy of airline schedulers.

"There're so many reasons for airlines to change the way it works right now," said Peter Harbinson, analyst from the Center of Asia-Pacific Aviation in Sydney, to Reuters.

"The biggest advantage for airlines is the weight of the IFE equipment. Fuel burned, regular engineering checks, and licensing fees to movie studios all add up to a considerable amount of money for airlines."

Innovating itself out of business

According to the report, companies such as Panasonic, which provide the hardware for many airlines, have been pushing for the introduction of these power sources and in doing so may have removed the only reason some people turn to the screen in the seat: no more battery.

Add to that the fact some flights are also carrying an internet connection so users can not only stay entertained but also work far more efficiently, and you can see why the way we keep ourselves amused in flight is up for debate.

Via Reuters