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Great Tech Innovators: Dr Geordie Rose

Dr Geordie Rose
Pictures courtesy of D-Wave
  • Company: D-Wave
  • Best known for: Quantum Computing
  • Quote: "Our role in bringing quantum computers kicking and screaming into the world is to, well, build quantum computers."

In a list of great tech innovators you are likely to see plenty of familiar names, and even more familiar companies, but Dr Geordie Rose and D-Wave may well not be all that recognisable to those not focused on his particular field.

Rose, who founded D-Wave and serves as CTO, is one of the leading lights in the exciting, confusing, and often controversial world of quantum computing.

A quantum computer solves problems in a fraction of the time that a linear computer would take, and this could have huge benefits in a whole host of areas including artificial intelligence.

D-Wave released what is claimed to be the first world's first commercially available quantum computer, and although this in itself has courted more controversy, few would argue that Rose's pursuit of quantum computing represents a potential transformational area of technology.

Rose holds a PhD in theoretical physics and is a regular lecturer on his specialist field, as well as being a passionate advocate for the potential of quantum computing.

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