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Rising sea levels? Here's a submersible car

With sea levels predicted to rise by up to 163cm by the end of the century, maybe it's time you put the brake on your conventional car use... and opted for a submersible instead.

That's the genius conclusion Rinspeed has come to with its sQuba concept - a sports car that can dive up to 10m below sea level, and comes with its own in-cockpit oxygen supply.

The comely two-seater is powered by an electric motor that powers the propellers and jet drives. It even turns the wheels should you eventually find dry land, Autoblog reports.

The sQuba predictably takes its inspiration from the Lotus Espirit used by James Bond in The Spy Who Loved Me, which was kept afloat solely through the arching effect of Roger Moore's eyebrows.

Sadly there are no plans to put the sQuba into production... yet, but you will be able to sea (sic) it in the metal at the Geneva Motor Show from Thursday 6th March until Sunday 16th March.