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Personal airbags blow up when you fall down

Car safety technology could soon be protecting wobbly old people

We're glad to see that the latest disability living aid from Japan looks like it could make a real difference to a lot of people, but wonder what other uses could be found for a personal airbag.

The device, from non-profit group Prop Station, is like a car airbag that is literally worn on the body. If the wearer – and the company is targeting Japan's 30 million retirees – falls over, the bag is supposed to inflate and cushion the impact.

Rapid response

Within 0.1 seconds of any sudden acceleration Earthwards, bags at the back of the head and lower back inflate, although there's no protection at the front for obvious reasons.

Given that potential weak spot, Prop's product might struggle to find a market among Friday night revellers in the UK should it branch out into protecting binge drinkers, although we couldn't blame them if they gave it a spin.