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Now you can listen to your brain's music

Just insert head?
Just insert head?

A technique has been developed that converts brain scans into music, letting you finally listen to someone else's thoughts.

MRI scans were used to generate the music, with each section of the brain given a pitch and the pictures used to generate music.

The experiment, by philosopher Dan Lloyd at Trinity College in Hartford has been reported in New Scientist and has generated some interesting data.


Lloyd tried comparing the data he took from his own activities to volunteers with schizophrenia, and noticed that you could identify sufferers of the mental disorder by sound alone.

In this example, the report admits, you can also tell the difference by looking at the MRI scans that the music is generated from, but there are plenty of scientists who believe that the spotting of patterns in the music could be useful.

Plus, when someone works out how to gain and use the data in real time we can wander round listening to our own user-generated symphony.

Via New Scientist