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New LCD scans fingerprints, detects UV

Sharp LCD
Will tellies one day double as scanners too?

Even though at least half the tech news we hear these days seems to be about flat-panel displays, we still haven't even begun to explore the range of innovations possible.

One of the oddest comes from Taiwanese company AU Optronics, which has come up with an LCD panel that can detect ultraviolet light falling on it.

Wrinkles be gone

The firm has been demonstrating the device, saying it might be useful to women concerned about too much exposure to the sun, although we're hoping it can come up with something more useful than that.

At the same time, AUO has also developed another LCD screen that doubles as a scanner.

Simpler hardware?

The 2.8-inch display has a resolution of 320 x 240, but the inclusion of four sensors in each pixel means it also works as a 640 x 480 scanner.

AUO's demos to date have focused on fingerprint scanning through the screen, so we can only presume it's looking to replace the dedicated fingerprint scanners used as locks on some phones and PCs.