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High-tech toilets flush competition clean away

Toto toilet
Toto does a lovely line in compact commodes

Japanese toilets are already the stuff of legend and that reputation's only going to grow after the announcement of this year's hot new high-tech models that put most spaceship capsules to shame.

The most eye-catching comes from our old friends at Panasonic, where the all-new A-La-Uno S dispenses with elbow grease and completely cleans itself.

Resin researched

Cutting-edge acrylic resin is used to prevent the kind of mould growth that can just ruin a good bathroom day, while all the electronic functions we love, such as a heated seat, are available in the ¥200,000 (£945) throne.

Next, Inax's similarly priced Regio blasts the user with MP3s of jazz classics while they tinkle and has even been designed with good acoustics in mind. Apparently, the music comes from a rear-mounted speaker and bounces off the wall for best effect.

Space conscious

Finally, Toto's ¥250,000 (£1,180) Neorest Hybrid model does away with the cistern by the engineering feat of including a water pump in the pedestal.

This draws flush water from a normal tap in the wall, thereby saving space for, oh, maybe a bookshelf or a rack-mounted home media server and wireless gear for streaming video to the downstairs dunny?