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Flexy RFID tags can survive temperature extremes

RFID tag
We'll soon all have one of these just under the scruff of the neck

We all know that humans will soon be just as trackable as pet dogs with subcutaneous RFID microchips, but the current generation of tags are a little fragile for some purposes.

That's where Japanese company KRD comes in with its new super RFID tag that can survive extreme heat and cold, as well as being robust enough to take whatever we throw at it.

Up and down

KRD took the chip and aerial that make up an RFID tag and embedded them in layers of glass fibre, before coating the whole lot in silicone rubber. This resulted in an impact-resistant, bendy tag that can survive any temperature between minus 200˚C and plus 200˚C

The company says the tag's ability to go where no chip has gone before means it can be used on medical samples that need to be kept frozen or even in laundry that has to be boil-washed, but we know what they're really up to, eh?