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Brush your teeth and look inside your mouth!

OLED lighting: is it the future?
OLED lighting: is it the future?

OLED technology has been getting some good press recently as a rival to LCD, but what about its potential for lighting?

It can be far more efficient than the standard light bulb, and can be used practically anywhere for a fraction of the price.

So the Research Institute for Organic Electronics (RIOE) has published a page showing all the things OLEDs could do for lighting with some brilliant ideas.

My teeth... they're so white!

For instance, imagine coating your toothbrush with a light emitting material so you can see what you're doing?

OK, maybe not. But OLEDs can be put to some decent practical uses too.

Think of cool, huge operating lamps for surgeons without shadows and offering complete visibility.

Or even providing different accent lights, such as illuminated taps or interactive light switches.

Take a look at the site, and decide for yourself whether this is something that you'd want in your house.

With companies working night and day to create a cost-effective way of producing OLEDs for lighting, this is a lot more likely to happen than you might think.