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Go photo-crazy with Photosynth

Microsoft Live Labs' Photosynth
Microsoft Live Labs' Photosynth

Microsoft Live Labs has unveiled a new application that allows you to build 3D worlds using your photos.

Photosynth can be downloaded to your computer, and uses algorithms and other magic computer stuff to knit between three and 300 snaps together in a digital world.

The idea is to share the experience of a place by giving a friend (or long-time stalker) the chance to look around your memory...or something else that sounds a bit less like marketing spiel.

A real synth

However, there is a bit of effort needed to create the perfect 'synth' (you see what they did there). Overlapping, correct camera movement and a whole host of other things are needed, and we at TechRadar were even given a helpsheet to show us how.

However, once complete (and providing your computer can handle it) the synth is uploaded to the website for all the public to see (so a 360 degree view of your genitals might not be the best idea after a drunken night out).

The website has some high profile partners to kick off the application, including the London Eye, Stonehenge and the Taj Mahal.

Next up for the application is joining MSN proper, so if you're a regular on LiveSearch you'll be seeing synths pop up all over the place soon.