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Apple Music on your Apple TV is about to get help from Siri

Apple Music Siri

From the outset, the new Apple TV and Apple Music seemed like the two would go together like a really expensive peanut butter and monthly jelly subscription.

But when Apple launched the new streaming box without integrated Siri support, any idea of a lunchtime jam session went out the window.

The good news is that Apple wants to make right on that by integrating Apple Music into Siri on tvOS by early 2016.

Apple reportedly told Buzzfeed that it plans on integrating the service soon, allowing users to ask Siri to play albums or individual tracks without opening up the Apple Music app.

Now, ideally you'll be able to play local tracks without being an Apple Music subscriber, similar to how it already works on iOS, but that's a point that remains up in the air.

Apple Music, for its relatively short tenure in the music streaming scene, has amassed 6.5 million paying subscribers. It's a small slice of the pie compared to Spotify's 20 million monthly subscribers and upwards of 55 million free users, but perhaps the more seamless integration into Apple TV will bolster that number.

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