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Apple iTV teased again?

Apple TV teased again?
Nice minimalist design there

Just when you thought the Apple iTV rumours had died down, we pull you back in.

This one comes via a patent for fused glass device housing, spotted by keen trademark watchers Patently Apple.

The patent itself is for a fused glass process for housing, a bit similar to that found on the iPhone 4S, being used on various Apple devices, including iPhones and iPods, in the future.

As thrilling as that all is, the patent interestingly makes an explicit reference to the technology being used on a "TV". And not Apple's current TV box - an actual television set, by the looks of the patent.

We see you, Jony

Apple's living room TV set (sometimes referred to as the iTV) has been working overtime in the rumour mill these past few months.

Jony Ive and his team are listed as the inventors of the patent, which was filed in Europe.

And let's not forget that the fact that Apple is possibly looking to enclose all of its devices in robust glass material is interesting in itself.

The design sets out to improve on the 4S though, with a nice slab of toughness added, which should avoid all those nasty cracks that many users experienced.