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Mozilla upgrades mobile web browser

The updated version of Minimo includes a new start page with bookmarks and search functions

Mozilla has upgraded its mobile web browser, Minimo. The new version adds GPS support, quicker download speeds and is available to download now.

Minimo is compatible with Windows Mobile 5.0 and is aimed to work as an alternative to the web browser that comes pre-installed with Microsoft's operating system.

Mozilla says its web browser is quicker to access websites, more secure and features functions such as tabbed browsing and support for widgets. The updated version of Minimo 0.2 adds GPS support and an improved user interface as well as a new homepage that includes bookmarks and a search field. The application has also been made smaller and faster than previous versions.

However, the future for Minimo looks bleak. Developer Doug Turner has said that he won't spend too much time on Minimo in the future.

"There are lots of browsers in the space, the market is tightly controlled by cellular operators, and the end users aren't using the browser," Turner wrote on his blog late last year. "This will change, but not for a few years."

Despite having only been around for eight months, Minimo was downloaded 80,000 times in February this year.