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WikiLeaks suspends all operations

WWW: WikiLeaks Wants Wonga
WWW: WikiLeaks Wants Wonga

WikiLeaks has temporarily shut down, citing funding problems as the reason the site is no longer in operation.

The site, a hotbed for anonymous tip-offs and submissions regarding sensitive information, has been around since 2006 and has been staying afloat thanks to numerous donations from undisclosed sources.

It seems that these donations have dried up, forcing the site to take a temporary hiatus.

Change the world

Somewhat pertinently, WikiLeaks says on its homepage: "We have received hundreds of thousands of pages from corrupt banks, the US detainee system, the Iraq war, China, the UN and many others that we do not currently have the resources to release. "You can change that and by doing so, change the world. Even $10 will pay to put one of these reports into another ten thousand hands and $1000, a million."

WikiLeaks had been hoping for a grant from the Knight Foundation to expand but this has not been forthcoming.

The website will not accept government funding – we doubt it would get it – or any sort of corporate funding, so now it waits in digital limbo hoping that some deep-pocketed investigative journo or campaigner can foot the bill.

Those whistles won't blow themselves.