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Old people officially rubbish at using web

Internet senility starts as early as 25

If you're already over 25, you should probably look away now or, better yet, just give up using the internet and go and do something less boring instead.

That stark possibility stems from new research that apparently shows people over 25 are on such a slippery slope towards decrepitude they are already becoming less efficient at using websites.

More time per task

The work carried out by renowned web expert Jakob Nielsen shows that people over that age take significantly longer every year to both complete online tasks, and to make use of individual web pages.

In case you're wondering, the motivation for such a study is to work out if web designers need to be considering such factors when they create sites for older people. After all, those slackers could clearly do with using that time to catch up with Antiques Roadshow and Gardeners' Question Time.