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Online ad spending up 40%

Internet ad-spend is stronger than ever
Internet ad-spend is stronger than ever

Online ad-spending accounts for 19 per cent of all advertising in the UK last year, according to a new report by Ofcom.

This meant that for the first time, online ad-spend growth overtakes mainstream broadcast, up 40 per cent to £2.8 billion.

According to Ofcom, it was the paid-for search model that dominated online the ad-spend. These are the internet searches that come up first in searches (the sponsored links). This equated to £1.6 billion pounds. Display and classified ads shared the rest of the £1.2 billion.

Speaking about the results, Ofcom said: "We may not yet have felt the full impact of the economic downturn on consumer and advertiser spend.

"While television advertiser revenue has remained relatively steady in nominal terms, future stability cannot be taken for granted."

TV advertising

TV advertising was unchanged last year, garnering £3.5 billion. Although this is more than what was spent online, TV did not see the 40 per cent increase.

It was digital TV that made up most of the broadcast spend, making up nearly one-third of TV ad sales.