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MySpace Music launches in the UK

MySpace Music launches in UK this month
MySpace Music launches in UK this month

MySpace Music has finally launched in the UK this week, with celebrity playlists already available from the likes of Jordan/Katie Price, the Pope, 50 Cent and Pixie Lott.

Yes, you read that correctly. Jordan and the Pope.

MySpace threw a huge launch party in London this week to celebrate the fact that its new ad-supported online music service, supported by a solid raft of major and independent music labels, is finally here.

Streaming party

Just as with other services such as Spotify, Sky Songs and MSN Music, MySpace Music will allow users access to unlimited streaming of tunes and playlist creation.

Some recent reports from the US have suggested that some labels over there are unhappy with the revenues being generated by MySpace Music, despite its popularity with American music fans.

There is also the question of mobile access. Right now, MySpace Music is only available on your desktop or laptop computer, which gives Spotify the edge on that front. For now, at least.

Via Music Ally