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Hulu: UK launch 'number one priority'

It's hotting up for Hulu in the UK
It's hotting up for Hulu in the UK

The makers of Hulu have their sights firmly on the UK, with the sites Senior Vice President, Johannes Larcher, explaining that getting Hulu to Britain is "number one priority".

Speaking at the Future of Broadcasting conference in London, Larcher set out plans for international expansion, saying: "We are talking to everyone. The UK is our number one priority in terms of international expansion.

"We are very interested in the UK. We hope in the very near future we will have some plans to reveal for the UK."

Not American

Interestingly, Larcher revealed that Hulu is to shed its American attitude for the UK noting: "We will localise our model so we are not perceived as a US company."

There's was no word about whether a September release was still viable, but Larcher knows there is a gap in the market for VOD in the UK and that Hulu needs to get in there quick.

"Project Kangaroo has opened up certain opportunities we would like to exploit," he explained. This has prompted much speculation that the video service will reach our shores sooner. Fingers crossed it will!

Via The Telegraph