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Government scraps website blocking plans, ripping legalised

Ripping to be officially not ripping off copyright holders
Ripping to be officially not ripping off copyright holders

As expected, business Secretary Vince Cable has confirmed that the government will scrap plans to block websites, and significantly change the laws around people ripping content from CDs and DVDs they own for personal use.

Cable's announcements were widely touted a day before he made them, and have been backed up by the Ofcom report into website blocking.

Cable told the BBC that the original Act – passed in hugely controversial circumstances – could not be used to bring about a way to block websites.

Not tight

"We've discovered that the drafting of the original laws, which took place a year or so ago, were not tight," said Cable.

"There are test cases being fought in the courts, so we're looking at other ways of achieving the same objective, the blocking objective to protect intellectual property in those cases, but in a way that's legally sound."

Another key announcement was around the changing of the UK's copyright laws as per the Hargreaves Report, which suggested that people ripping their own DVDs and CDs needed to be declared legal for individual use.

Ripping both DVDs and CDs had been technically illegal, but the changes will mean that people can turn information on physical media into digital content without breaking any copyright laws.