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Goodbye datacenters, hello 'Mega Datacenters'

Big data, big datacenter
Big data, big datacenter

You won’t see too many new datacenters being constructed after 2017. But the ones you will see will be humongous.

The total number of datacenters deployed worldwide will peak at 8.6 million in 2017, according to a forecast from IDC. The number will steadily decline beginning in 2018 due to a decline in internal server rooms and server closets.

Although the total number of datacenters will begin to decrease, the total worldwide datacenter footprint will expand from 1.58 billion square feet in 2013 to 1.94 billion square feet by 2018.

Mega datacenters

Also on the rise are the number of service provider datacenters, especially “mega datacenters,” according to the report.

Mega datacenters, which house collocation and cloud service providers will account for the vast majority (72.6%) of all service provider datacenter construction in terms of space. They will also account for 44.6% of all new high-end datacenter space around the world, an increase of 25% compared with 2013.