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Craigslist 'assassin wanted' advertiser pleads guilty

Anne Linscott has pleaded guilty to advertsing on Craigslist for someone to "eradicate" the wife of her secret lover

A woman in the US who advertised on Craigslist for a "silent assassin" to "eradicate" her lover’s wife has pleaded guilty in a Michigan court.

Anne Marie Linscott, aged 49, faces up to 30 years imprisonment on a range of charges including intent to commit murder.

The case came to the attention of the police when three California residents got in contact with Ms Linscott in response to her advert for a "freelance" position.


Two of the respondents, who entered into an email dialogue with Ms Linscott, were reportedly given the name and address of Ms Linscott’s rival and offered $5,000 to "eradicate" her.

According to the respondents Ms Linscott attempted to remove all doubt about the sincerity of the offer by sending an email with the message: "this IS a serious proposition".

Both respondents immediately contacted the police, prompting the investigation and Ms Linscott’s court appearance. Sentencing has yet to take place.