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China wants new internet control agency

China wants new national web control agency
China wants new national web control agency

A senior Chinese military official has called for a new national web control agency to enforce internet monitoring methods in the country.

People's Liberation Army Major General Huang Yongyin said China needed to up its fight on online infiltration and attacks, claiming in the February issue of Chinese Cadres Tribune, a magazine published by the Communist Party's Central Party School:

"For national security, the Internet has already become a new battlefield without gunpowder."

China is back in the tech headlines again this month, following reports of a vocational school where military recruits were said to be the source of the spyware hacker attack on Google earlier this year.

A Financial Times report quoted unidentified sources claiming that analysts had traced the online attacks to Shanghai Jiaotong University and the Lanxiang vocational school. Both establishments have denied the reports.

Lawless elements

"Lawless elements and hostile forces at home and abroad have increasingly turned to the Internet to engage in crime, disruption, infiltration, reactionary propaganda and other sabotage activities," added Huang.

Huang goes on to call for a national administrative system to deal with the perceived problems of internet control.

Via Reuters