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Mirage glosses over its 5.1 Nanosat range

The Mirage 5.1 EU - look how shiny it is
The Mirage 5.1 EU - look how shiny it is

Mirage Loudspeakers has updated its Nanosat speaker range, giving it a makeover more in keeping with today's flatscreen TVs.

The biggest change in the look is the finishing. The centre and satellite speakers have been given a high-loss black finish, while the 75W subwoofer has been given a satin black finish.

Mirage makeover

But Mirage hasn't just added a bit of spit 'n' shine to its range, it's also added a dedicated centre-channel speaker, so all that movie audio goodness will go from purr to roar in no time.

Oh, and it's also been given a name change. No longer is it called the Nanosat 5.1, it's now the Nanosat 5.1 EU. Not as in 'eeewww' but because it's being launched in Europe. Obviously.

Price-wise, the speaker set comes in at a snip under £600 – exactly the price of its predecessor.