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Fox: Christmas is 'turning point' for Blu-ray

Christmas is 'turning point' for Blu-ray, says Fox
Star Wars - a key Xmas Blu-ray

Twentieth Century Fox believes that European Blu-ray sales over Christmas will help deliver the first rise in full year home entertainment spending since 2004.

Following on from Asda's data that suggests Blu-ray player sales will overtake DVD this Christmas, Fox's prediction is that a bumper Christmas of Blu-ray disc sales is on the cards.

Sales of Blu-ray are up 49 per cent in the third quarter of this year compared to the same period in 2010, with the UK and Germany the biggest markets.

Turning point

"This Christmas is a turning point for home entertainment," said Vincent Marcais, senior vice president of international marketing.

"Alongside a strong line-up of titles, the technology is in place to meet expectations that half of buyers will opt for the premium version of our films, enjoying Blu-ray quality at home, with the freedom to enjoy digital versions on their tablets and smart phones when on the go."

Fox believes that there are 20 million Blu-ray players across the UK, Germany and France, and also raise the statistic that apparently one in three HDTV-enabled homes will have a Blu-ray player by Christmas.