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Fortnite Playground mode finally goes live to let you hone your battle royale skills

There hasn't been a phenomenon in gaming like battle royale blaster Fortnite in quite some time, with young and old alike jumping into the huge last-man-standing matches on PS4, Xbox One, PCs, smartphones and the Nintendo Switch.

But... what if you're a bit rubbish at it?

Enter the newly-released Fortnite Playgrounds mode which, after a delayed introduction due to some technical teething issues, finally lands today (July 3) enabling players to hone their skills before facing off in the full matches.

What is Fortnite Playground mode?

Playground mode is essentially a practice space for those who aren't yet comfortable taking on Fortnite's true competitive mode.

It's an instance of the Fortnite map designed to house just four players at a time, giving a squad an hour to get to grips with building fortifications and the different weapons available before the dreaded end-game storm kicks in during the final five minutes.

Building resources will be plentiful, as will be llamas, chests and ammo boxes. And while it's more of a friendly play space you can still take pot shots at your pals, with everyone getting unlimited respawns.

So if you've been holding off from jumping in, now's the perfect time to give Fortnite a try.