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GarageBand and iMovie for iPad get early release

iMovie was announced to great acclaim at the iPad 2 launch

Apple has sprung its second early launch in a week by outing the iPad versions of GarageBand and iMovie a day ahead of schedule.

First-gen iPad owners can now download GarageBand for just £2.99, while an updated version of iMovie is available for iPod touch and iPhone 4.

Tablet-fanciers will need an iPad 2 to run the iMovie app as the original iPad obviously doesn't have a video camera to record footage.

The early release follows Apple's decision to roll out iOS 4.3 yesterday. Both the 4.3 update and the apps were originally scheduled to launch on Friday, the day the iPad 2 arrives in the United States.

iLife on iPad

The launch sees the two most popular apps from Apple's iLife software package land on the revolutionary "post PC" tablet.

iMovie uses the iPad 2's new 720p HD video camera to open up a world of touchscreen editing possibilities. It brings precision fingertip video editing, multiple audio tracks, a host of themes and the ability to share your creations across the web.

GarageBand brings an 8-track recorder and real instruments to the touchscreen, with the accelerometer even sensing how firm you hit the keys on the piano.

At £2.99, both represent massive value and a big leap forward for iPad apps.