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Do leaked photos show new aluminium MacBooks?

Apple may abandon its plastic MacBook design in favour of aluminium, a source close to the production of the notebook case claims.

An assembly worker at a Taiwanese case manufacturer said in a forum posting that his employer has received orders from Apple to produce aluminium enclosures for new versions of its MacBook and MacBook Pro.

More fuel for the fire

Soon after the worker violated his non-disclosure agreement and posted information about the aluminium MacBooks, a promotional picture surfaced on the web showing the possible redesigns.

First published by MacRumors, the image shows aluminium MacBook and MacBook Pros featuring what looks like a substantially altered design.

Since the site first published the pictures, it has denied any claim that they are real and said that the legitimacy of the designs can be put into question considering how similar they look to current versions.

Apple has yet to comment on the leak, but look for much more on this as we get closer to the Worldwide Developer’s Conference this summer, where Steve Jobs is expected to announce updates to the company’s current product line.