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Cheaper, better iMacs could arrive as soon as next week

Better specs and a lower price point? We're not arguing

Apple could be giving its iMac lineup a bit of a spec bump next week, but unfortunately it probably won't be the anticipated Retina iMac.

In fact, we're hearing that it'll be less of a spec bump and more of a spec nudge, adding Intel's latest processors and possibly Thunderbolt 2 ports.

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What's more interesting, however, is that a price drop might also be on the cards. Or at least that's what French website MacG is reporting, though there's no word on just how much cost Apple will be shaving off.

Big Mac and better chips

We contacted a couple of retailers which stock Apple's iMacs, but they told us they hadn't heard anything about a refresh as of yet. Given how secretive Apple is about these sorts of things we're hardly flabbergasted.

Shining a small amount of credibility on this latest rumour, however, is the source - the same anonymous tipster who correctly predicted the April MacBook Air refresh.

Via MacRumours