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Apple tablet device to run on 4G networks?

iPod touch
Could the rumoured Apple tablet really be a big iPod?

At times like these when we're between Apple product launches there's always plenty of speculation about what's coming next, with an inordinate amount of talk at the minute on the subject of a tablet-style computer.

Now, gadget website Tech Crunch has gone a step further in suggesting that what we're actually looking at may be a jumbo iPod touch and that it could be with us early next year.

4G coming in 2010?

The supposed evidence for the claim is a source that says US phone operator Verizon is working with Apple to produce a giant touch to run on its 4G network that's due next year.

Apparently, the story says, Verizon will have the 60Mbps 4G network up and running in the first quarter of 2010, which runs counter to everything we've heard about it to date.

iPhone not affected

Regardless, the source still suggests the new Apple device will be made specifically for such a network and will likely come without a microphone so as not to hit sales of the iPhone or to break the exclusivity deal with AT&T in the US.