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Flash memory drive hits quarter terabyte

Toshiba SSD
Toshiba's next-gen solid-state drives will hit 256GB

The development of solid-state disks is cracking along so briskly it's almost pointless keeping track of all the latest and greatest claims, so bear that in mind when Toshiba talks of its "industry-leading" 256GB SSD.

There's no surprise that the 256GB SSD is a 2.5-inch drive with a 3Gbit/s SATA interface. Read and write speeds run up to 120MB/s and 70MB/s respectively, which is pretty much par for the course.

Due next year

Toshiba also has a handful of new flash modules from 8GB to 32GB intended for use in simple netbook PCs, but there are no amazing claims for those, so we'll let them slide.

We're told that samples of all the new products are available now and that mass production will start in October, so expect to see the big SSD turn up as a BTO option early next year.