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Apple reveals UK Mac Pro pricing

Apple has finally confirmed UK pricing for the 8-core Xeon Mac Pros that it quietly wheeled out yesterday .

A Mac Pro with two quad-core processors will set you back £2,659 - or £960 more than the entry level twin dual-core machine.

Apple boasts that the Mac Pro is available in 33 million different configurations, depending on how you want to spec and how much you're prepared to pay.

A fully tooled-up Mac Pro, for example, could set you back £8,551 without a monitor or AppleCare extended warranty.

More monitor for your money

Coincidentally Apple has also cut UK prices on its range of ageing Cinema Displays:

* The 20-inch model is now £399, down from £529, a saving of £130
* The 23-inch model is now is now £599, down from £779, a saving of £180
* The 32-inch model is now £1,199, down from £1,549, a saving of £350

The price drops could signal the arrival of new displays later in the year.