Treston TED electric height adjustable workbench review

A quality electric desk that goes from sitting to standing in seconds

Treston electric height adjustable workbench
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TechRadar Verdict

BigDug’s Treston TED electric height adjustable workbench sets itself apart from its competition thanks to its design and premium quality. Despite the fact that it’s not the easiest to build, it’s worth the price and should blend in nicely to your home office.


  • +

    Can support up to 200kg

  • +

    Low noise level

  • +

    Motor control needs no maintenance

  • +

    Comes in four different widths


  • -

    No cable management tray

  • -

    Tools required for build

  • -

    Image-only instructions

  • -

    Next day delivery not available

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Have you ever purchased something in your life that you didn’t know you needed but once in your possession, you wondered how you ever lived without it? This was our exact thought after using BiGDUG’s Treston TED electric height adjustable workbench

Why settle for an average office desk that requires your office chair to do all the hard work when the elbow to laptop ratio isn’t quite right. 

Having a height adjustable standing desk eliminates such struggles - you can, quite literally go from sitting to a standing desk in just a few seconds.


As far as standing desks go, the Treston workbench is slightly more expensive than some of its competitors, but you can buy in a variety of width sizes that alters the pricing, catering to any type of home office space. 

The Treston TED electric height adjustable workbench comes in four width options, with the smallest (900mm) costing £979.20.

A width of 1100mm can be purchased for £1,000.80, the 1500mm option for £1,045.20, and the 1800mm width electric desk is £1,090.80.

Teston standing desk

(Image credit: Future)


The workbench comes with a quick and almost silent height adjustment button. One thing that wowed us was the very noticeable difference between the lowest height to the highest. You can go from a sitting desk to a standing desk in seconds.

This ergonomic standing desk is sturdy and can be customized with accessories and add-ons like drawers. It is able to withstand loads of up to 200kg, but still feels extremely stable at all heights, meaning there’s no need to worry about your laptop’s safety, even at the highest setting. The desk worktop is laminated, so it’s low maintenance and extremely easy to clean.

With this desk, we thought we would test it a little differently to get a full scope of the design from various heights. We split the working day into two and spent the morning working on the desk at a seating level, then the afternoon working on the desk at a standing level.

The design of the desk made it easy to do both and in general, we found it comfortable to use at all levels. We also found that our work rate improved significantly while we were working at a standing level.

Taking work calls on Zoom standing up with the desk definitely helped us be more confident in our presentation delivery, and when standing up got tiring, we simply pressed the control button to sit back down.

The sound of the button is relatively quiet - if we could compare it to anything, it would be equivalent to a small electric toy car. 

The only flaw we could find with the desk is that it doesn’t come with a neat way to hide the wire that is connected to the table for you to plug in. We pushed it to the back, but for those who are particular about out of place wires, you may l need to tape the plug to the back of the desk’s legs.

Treston workbench

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In the spirit of transparency, we should say the desk did come with someone to fit and install it. Because the desk doesn’t have very many different parts to it, assembling it was easy and fast, with the process taking around an hour.

Before using the workbench for the first time, you will need to reset the main surface, which is simple to do. Running the table down to the lowest position, then pressing down again and holding the same button for a few seconds resets the table. Once that initial step is completed, you are free to adjust the table to any height you want.

The only downside to the setup process was the instructions packaged with the product, which to an assembling novice may not be the easiest to follow. The instructions use images only, which is OK in some cases, but because of the intricacy of the building process, we feel it would have been more helpful to have instructions that are descriptive alongside the images. 

Treston's electric workbench height adjusting buttons

Treston's electric workbench height adjusting buttons (Image credit: Future)

The competition

One factor we noticed about the Treston TED electric workbench is that it doesn’t have pre-set height settings. With other brands such as Vari’s electric standing desk and Branch’s standing desk, you can save up to four different height configurations to the keypad using the 1-4 buttons. 

With the Treston workbench, that option is not available, which in our opinion is a good thing. With no day being the same, adjusting the desk to what your body needs at any moment works out better and is essentially the whole point of having a flexible height desk.

In comparison to other electric standing desks on the market, the Treston workbench is reasonably priced, but is on the more expensive side when placed in a side to side comparison to its competitors.

Treston electric workbench

(Image credit: Future)

Final verdict

With the desk being so simple and effective, Treston’s TED electric height adjustable workbench would be a great addition to your workspace if you are looking for something snazzy but practical. 

Although it doesn’t come in a variety of colors (available in white only), its neutral design should mean it will look nice in almost any room.

If Treston plans on making a new line of electric desks, we would love to see a cable management tray included to take the desk to the next level of efficiency.

With free delivery on all orders over £420 including VAT, BiGDUG works with a range of couriers to deliver the desks within 2-4 working days if you choose standard delivery on an in-stock item. So, you can order your desk on a Monday and be standing for your next Zoom meeting by Thursday.

So if you're looking for a desk that will give you the freedom to work from any height position with maximum stability and plenty of leg room, Treston’s workbench might be for you.

Despite the fact that the description of Treston’s electric workbench says it’s for industrial working environments, we think this desk is perfect for the office or a home workspace.

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