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Spike lets you hold email conversations in an engaging way that benefits all parties.


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    Reasonably priced

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    Mobile/desktop apps

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    Encourages workplace collaboration


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    UI needs improvement

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    Search needs improvement

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    Occasional bugs

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Spike was founded in 2013 by two entrepreneurs, Erez Pilosoft and Dvir Ben-Aroya. It started under a previous name, Hop, before rebranding in 2018. 

This platform was founded to improve email services by turning conversations into a chat-like interface. It also includes additional features such as video and voice calls.

You can download the Spike app on Microsoft Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android or access it via the web interface. It’s one of the few email apps available on all the major mobile and desktop operating systems. It works with Gmail, Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, iCloud, Yahoo Mail, and other email providers using the Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP).

Spike: Plans and pricing

Unlike many email apps, Spike has a free plan that anyone can sign up for. But, it allows only one email address, 1GB of email storage, and a maximum file upload of 30MB. You can subscribe to the Pro or Business plan if you want more functionality. 

The Pro package costs $8 per user per month. It supports up to three email addresses, 5GB storage, and a file upload limit of 100MB. Unlike the free tier, it gives users access to their complete search history and allows up to five participants in a video call.

The Business plan costs $16 per user per month. It supports unlimited email addresses, 20GB of email storage, and a file upload limit of 1GB. It also allows up to ten participants in a video call.

Spike provides significant discounts if you pay annually instead of monthly– the Pro plan comes down to $60 per year (instead of $96), and the Business plan comes down to $120 per year (instead of $192).

If you change your mind following a purchase, you can request a full refund up to 14 days after.  

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Spike: Features

Spike makes email communication better by offering many features, including;

You can bring all your email accounts together through Spike. It supports the most popular email platforms; Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, iCloud, Microsoft 365, or any other email provider using the IMAP protocol.

Having all your email addresses in a unified inbox makes it easy to monitor your communications. Otherwise, you’d have to constantly switch between multiple browser tabs or apps, which can be hectic.

Email is usually associated with formal communication, which can get boring. To spice things up, Spike lets you send emails in a chat-like interface and talk like you'll do in a messaging app. It's easier to express yourself this way with shorter text and emojis to add context. Instead of long email threads, you get a natural workflow that's easy to parse.

This conversational email feature is called People Mode. You can switch between it and the regular Inbox Mode that looks like a typical email. Ideally, you can use People Mode when talking to clients, customers, or colleagues. It's also a great way to stay in touch with family and friends. 

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Spike lets you create notes from your email inbox and share them with other contacts. Contacts can edit the notes and anyone with access will see real-time updates. It’s a collaborative note-taking tool that lets you interact with other people right from your inbox. 

If your colleagues use Spike, it'll be easier to create notes and edit them on the same platform instead of switching between docs, messenger, email, and a project board. You can add text, images, and videos to Spike Notes. You can also include to-dos and set reminders for project management. 

You can create chat groups with your team or clients and discuss without leaving your inbox. Groups save everyone endless email threads that are difficult to sift through. Group members can pitch their ideas and get feedback simultaneously on the chat pane, encouraging productivity.

With the group chat feature, every file, comment, and thought from team members is saved in one place for easy reference. 

Spike lets you sync your calendars from multiple apps (Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple Calendar) and manage your schedule in a single space. Thanks to this feature, you can manage all your work meetings and personal events from the same app you use to send and receive emails.

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Spike: Interface and use

When researching for this review, we observed a pattern of customer complaints concerning Spike’s user interface. Navigating the app can be challenging, especially for first-time users. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the app’s numerous features. 

To avoid confusion, start with the basic features like sending or receiving emails before moving on to the advanced ones. With time, you should learn. Yet, we still think Spike’s user interface could use a lot of improvements.

Spike: Support

If you run into problems with Spike, you can access the Help Center on the official website for user guides, tips, and troubleshooting articles. If these resources aren’t satisfactory, you can contact Spike’s team via email. There’s no live chat or telephone support, which we consider a drawback. 

Spike: The competition

The two most popular alternatives to Spike are Superhuman and Front. These two email platforms offer an elegant interface that makes conversations more enjoyable. They also provide a host of complementary features like Spike. However, they are more expensive tools.  

Spike: Final verdict

If you want to make email conversations more fun, Spike is the perfect tool. It’s compatible with the most popular desktop and mobile operating systems and is accessible via a web browser. This widespread compatibility is a rare occurrence in a third-party email app.  

Spike is an excellent email platform, but we think its user interface and customer support system need a lot of improvement. 

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