ResponseTek review

Customer experience management platform backed by solid customer and professional service teams

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TechRadar Verdict

Strong customer experience tool for those wanting to work with a full-service company


  • +

    Variety of robust support plans

  • +

    Solutions for end-to-end customer experience management workflows


  • -

    Pricing details available only via Customer Success Managers

  • -

    AI suite not as powerful as those of competitors

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ResponseTek is a customer experience management SaaS solution offered by Ignite Technologies. With ResponseTek, you can collect end-to-end information about your customer’s experience working with your company, monitor for trends, and use the information you gather to improve the way you work with and communicate with users.

Plans and pricing

Ignite Technologies does not post any information regarding ResponseTek plans and pricing. To obtain such information, you must request a meeting with an Ignite customer success manager.


With ResponseTek, you gather feedback and process that feedback into actionable insights. For you to do this, the product comes with:

- Survey creation tools
- Automatic sending of personalized surveys to collect feedback
- Integration with third-party CRM, marketing automation and customer service tools
- Automation tools, such as alerts and actions, that make sure you don't forget things
- Real-time data analytics

Please note that ResponseTek is an umbrella name for three different solutions: Voice of the Customer, Voice of the Employee, and Listening Lab. Each solution focuses on collecting information about a different part of your customer engagement process.

Voice of the Customer

The Voice of the Customer solution helps you gather customer feedback using any device, in any language, and across multiple touchpoints, including call center, retail, and digital engagement. Voice of the Customer also comes with some automatic analysis feedback and reporting so that you can draw big picture conclusions from the data you collect.

Voice of the Employee

Voice of the Employee helps you capture feedback from your employees. You can then analyze the data to measure engagement and satisfaction.

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Listening Lab

The Listening Lab allows you to create and deploy surveys, create tests to gather information, and measure the results you get from the surveys and tests you administer.

Professional/consulting services

Ignite Technologies also offers professional services that help you get started with ResponseTek, use the product optimally, and configure your system as needed. Note that those with Platinum support plans will receive 15% off all purchases of professional services. 

Interface and in use

Unfortunately, ResponseTek does not provide much information about its user interface on its website—rather, the staff would prefer you reach out to a Customer Success Manager to receive a demo.

What we do know, however, is that ResponseTek offers its users personalized dashboards. These dashboards display the customer engagement metrics you think are necessary for them to know and can be customized depending on the user’s role.

ResponseTek also offers an analytics dashboard that gives you a high-level overview of your relationship with your customers. This dashboard makes it easy for you to view multiple charts and graphs, each of which were created using different customer engagement metrics you’ve collected over time.


Ignite Technologies offers three different customer support programs from which you can choose.

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The Standard plan offers you support during business hours, with a guaranteed response time for the most severe issues within 24 hours. You can open up to 10 web-based tickets per year, and your subscription gets you all bug fixes and updates to your products.

ResponseTek offers two additional support plans that build on the Standard plan—Gold and Platinum. These allow you to  open additional web-based tickets, receive extra weighting when it comes to case priority, and upgrade to the latest releases.

The competition

ResponseTek includes a lot of features, but if you want things like task management tools, better AI for data analysis, or mobile apps for on-the-go work, you might have to look at competitors like Qualtrics XM and Medallia.

If you are looking for a customer experience platform that also comes with task management tools to act on the insights you’ve gathered, consider Qualtrics XM.

This product focuses on helping you communicate with your customers across multiple channels, including telephone, social media, third-party review sites, and engagement with your staff. In addition, it offers you automatic analyses of the data you collect. The resulting insights and predictions are displayed on an intuitive dashboard.

Finally, Qualtrics XM helps you act on these insights with its set of action planning and task management tools. It also offers a variety of integrations with third-party tools, such as JIRA, Slack, or Tableau.

Meanwhile, Medallia is an enterprise-grade customer experience platform similar to ResponseTek. The biggest difference between the two, however, relates to the former’s powerful AI features.

While both products will help you gather information about your customers’ experiences, Medallia features much more robust AI tools to help you draw insights and make predictions based on the information you gathered. The information you’ve gathered are then displayed to you on easy-to-use dashboards. Medallia also offers mobile apps for on-the-go viewing.

Final verdict

ResponseTek is an enterprise-grade customer experience management system that helps you gather information about your customers’ experiences with your company, analyzing the data you collect and making the consequent predictions and insights easily accessible to the appropriate parties.

What makes ResponseTek appealing, however, is its parent company’s emphasis on support and professional services. Rather than offering you a DIY SaaS product, Ignite Technologies emphasizes collaboration between you and their professional services and support teams to create a fully customized customer experience platform.