Tesco Connect review

This Windows 8.1 tablet triggers a definite sense of deja-vu

Tesco Connect

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We liked

Tesco has managed to produce a decently-specced, keenly priced tablet. As with other Windows tablets, it has enough physical ports and the inclusion of a micro-HDMI one is particularly commendable. I liked the fact that it offers 32GB of storage (rather than 16GB on cheaper models) and its performance was slightly better than some of the competition (the difference is likely to be a statistical artefact though).

We disliked

The battery life was less than stellar, and certainly less than the 6-hour estimate. I prefer the glossy hard plastic finish of the Linx 7 tablet compared to that of the Tesco Connect. The former pretty much set the benchmark of what to expect from Windows devices under £100, and the Connect more than matches it.

Final verdict

The sheer value-for-money factor of the Tesco Connect cannot be doubted. It's a nifty little device that comes with a rather enticing price tag, but other slates, such as the HP Stream 7 Signature Edition, will give it a run for your hard-earned money. Watch out for special promotions though – Tesco sells the Linx 7 with a Nokia Lumia 530 smartphone for only £89, a better choice should you want to get a mobile phone as well.

Desire Athow
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