Lenovo B50-35 All-in-One PC review

All-in-one PC offers more than family entertainment without breaking the bank

Lenovo B50-35 All-in-One PC
The Lenovo B50-35 all-in-one PC

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If you're looking for a space-saving alternative to a desktop at a reasonable price that won't just be used as a work station, then the B50-35 lives up to its billing as an entertainment centre despite some shortcomings on peripherals and graphics power.

We liked

We definitely liked the sleek design, the responsiveness of the touch screen, the HDMI option for two screens, the sound quality of the Dolby stereo and the range of apps such as FilmOn TV.

We also liked the fact that this is more than just a basic 'family' all-in-one providing word processing and some general entertainment. It is a half-decent gaming PC as well.

We disliked

The less than sparkling keyboard and mouse that don't live up to the overall quality of the B50-35. It would have been less disappointing to have had a Blu-ray player in place of the DVD to really show off the Full HD picture.

Final verdict

All-in-one PCs are all about saving space and money while packing plenty of features and power into a decent size monitor. There's no argument against the size and style of the B50-35 and that firm base makes it both sturdy and practical for tucking your keyboard and mouse under when not in use (even though they could do with upgrading).

Although the benchmark tests are significantly lower than the MSI AG240 on the gaming side, it's still possible to enjoy a good first-person shooter without worrying about lag or ghosting. With so many built-in features and apps, plus a chunky price saving over its rival, the Lenovo should definitely be worth considering as an alternative to a desktop.