Samsung U28D590D review

An attractive, gaming-focused 4K monitor that's well-suited for general tasks

Samsung UD590
Samsung UD590

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We liked

The Samsung U28D590D totes a stylish, minimal design, has fantastic colour reproduction after calibration and will stand out in any bedroom or office. Gamers will appreciate its super fast 1ms response time and easily located ports. Priced just right, it's also a monitor for those who favour ease of setup and simple-to-navitage menu controls.

We disliked

Being a TN panel, rather than IPS, viewing angels aren't quite as good as they could be. It's less of an issue due to the fact that you can't swivel around the monitor and can only tilt it by a fraction, but you will notice the difference in quality from certain angles. Additionally, the joystick-operated menu controls may not to be to everybody's liking.

Final verdict

For gamers looking for a hassle-free monitor to play games or undertake everyday tasks - from gaming to consuming media, surfing the web and typing documents - the Samsung U28D590D is a fine choice that's priced just right. Professional image editors, on the other hand, will want to look for something with Adobe sRGB certification, better colour consistency out-of-the-box and superior viewing angles.

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