MSI GX740 review

Can the Taiwanese manufacturer make play in the gaming market?

Can MSI cut it in the gaming laptop market?

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As it happens, we're big fans of the MSI GX740. By making sensible and realistic cuts – think Core i5 instead of i7 processor, no Blu-ray drive, lack of full HD screen – MSI has managed to deliver a laptop that boasts serious graphical prowess at a very competitive price.

The GX740 also looks great, and we're told by MSI this is the last model to feature the famous style, with the inbound GT660 demonstrating the way of things to come, so if you like the design we'd suggest you get stuck in before it's too late.

We liked

First and foremost the affordability. Yes, cuts have been made, but to all but the most hardcore of gamers – who are likely to have built their own systems anyway – Core i5 is going to be more than sufficient for quite some time.

The graphical power here is formidable, and the latest games run as smooth as you'd like with settings up high.

MSI has been using this design to great effect for quite a few years, it's neither garish nor boring, and we'll be sad to see it go.

The relatively low weight and form factor of the GX740 make it very easy to carry around, not something often said about gaming rigs.

MSI gx740

We dislike

The lack of a Full HD screen may bother some, and images may not be sharp enough for the hardcore.

The laptop maybe easy to carry, but realistically you'll be sprinting between power points thanks to a truly shocking battery life.

There are considerably cheaper laptops on the market with a Blu-ray drive, and if this is important to you it may be worth looking elsewhere.

The sticker plastered across the palm rest will always be a bone of contention for us.


The MSI GX740 is one of the best priced, best looking gaming notebooks around. There's plenty of power under the hood for the avid gamer, while the Intel Core i5 processor provides plenty of performance for your average consumer.

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