Fujtsu Lifebook P770 review

High performance from a low-voltage processor makes for an ultraportable powerhouse

Fujitsu Lifebook P770
Fujitsu has packed the power of Intel's Core i7 processors into a tiny chassis

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Fujitsu lifebook p770

The next generation of low-voltage processors already offer the kind of performance we saw from top-end chips a year or two ago.

With the added bonus of their slimline design and reduced power consumption, we can now expect resource-intensive applications to run smoothly on something no bigger than a typical netbook.

The Fujitsu Lifebook P770 is one of the latest entrants to the ULV laptop market, and there's a lot to like here.

We liked

With excellent battery life and a light and compact chassis, the Fujitsu Lifebook P770 is a highly portable machine that rivals most netbooks.

But that low-voltage Core i7 processor means the P770 is much more powerful than a netbook, capable of multitasking with resource-intensive applications.

Fujitsu has also crammed plenty of extra features into the Lifebook P770, including a fingerprint scanner for extra security and a docking station to increase the number of available ports.

Built-in 3G support gives users the freedom to travel almost anywhere in the country and still access the internet.

Usability is also strong, with a firm and textured keyboard that proves great for touch-typing after a short bedding-in period, and the non-reflective TFT screen is perfect for outdoors use.

We disliked

Although the low-voltage Core i7 processor provides great performance, the integrated graphics means that games and intensive multimedia applications are out of the Fujitsu Lifebook P770's league.

The chassis may be light and slim but it's also plastic in look and feel, with noticeable flex in several areas.

Storage is limited at just 160GB, and while the TFT screen is highly non-reflective, it also loses some vibrancy without the glossy coating that many modern laptops use.


Anyone who needs a highly portable laptop for constant travel, but with more power than a standard netbook, should definitely consider the Fujitsu Lifebook P770.

Very few flaws detract from this feature-packed machine, which provides the ultimate freedom thanks to the built-in 3G module.