Dell ProSupport Plus review

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Dell ProSupport

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After the ProSupport configuration was completed, the software didn't immediately begin scanning my PC, and I noticed that initial scanning occurred some five hours later. That said, system monitoring was seamless and invisible to the end-user. It wasn't until I opened the ProSupport control panel that I noticed the software was scanning.

I only noticed occasional lags when ProSupport was running in the background. When I was using resource-intensive apps, like doing light video editing on the Latitude 12, the laptop would sometimes lag, but in general use, I didn't notice any slow downs with web browsing, word processing or using messaging apps.

Dell Latitude 12 E7250

When the scan was completed, which took about 20 minutes on my system, ProSupport alerted me that there was an issue with my system RAM.

The software automatically logged the problem and generated a ticket number for this issue without any intervention on my part. I received a call from a Dell representative in Round Rock, Texas a few hours later informing me that Dell had noticed a problem and a replacement part had been dispatched.

A day later, when the system performed its daily routine check, the issue was once again logged. On the third day, I found the FedEx delivery man on my doorstep with a small box containing the RAM module.

When ProSupport Plus's predictive monitoring notices a problem, it will automatically ship you the parts. In the event of a hard drive or SSD failure, ProSupport will automatically ship you a new drive before your current drive fails so loss of data is minimized.


Once you receive the new drive, you can call the ProSupport technical support line and a representative will help you backup your files on your old drive and install your new drive.

In my case, with memory failure, Dell requested that I ship back the old RAM. Dell engineers will investigate why the RAM failed, and using big data analytics, determine if the problem is vendor-specific. If more failure occurs with one RAM manufacturer over another, Dell can use this data to be more selective about the partners it chooses in future notebooks, creating a virtuous cycle of further reducing problems and downtime.