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A robust SEO crawler for businesses of all sizes

Netpeak Spider
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TechRadar Verdict

While its interface is dated, Netpeak Spider offers decent performance and powerful segmentation. Unfortunately, it’s significantly more expensive than many competitors.


  • +

    Data segmentation for precise analytics

  • +

    Integrates with Google Analytics and Search Console


  • -

    Clunky interface

  • -

    Not available on Mac or Linux

  • -

    Less flexible pricing than other SEO crawlers

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Netpeak Spider is an SEO tool designed for SEO and PPC specialists, digital marketers, web developers, sales teams, and more. Starting at just $19 per month, it’s also a highly affordable option for freelancers and other small-scale businesses.

While Netpeak Spider doesn’t offer the same scalability or range of features as some of its competitors, it’s one of the most powerful platforms for SEO audits, analyses, and more. It streamlines some of the most time-consuming SEO tasks and provides excellent value.

Plans and Pricing

After a 14-day free trial, you can continue using Netpeak Spider through one of two plans. At $19 per month, Standard includes all “basic features” but restricts access to more advanced tools. Basic features include things like site optimization and scraping, web data extraction, and SEO audits.

For $39 per month, you can upgrade to Netpeak Spider Pro. In addition to the features included in Standard, Pro comes with white label reports, multi-domain crawling, and support for search query exports from Google Search Console. Both Standard and Pro are discounted 20% for annual subscriptions.

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While Netpeak Spider isn’t as fully featured as some other SEO platforms, it still offers a robust toolkit. Some SEO features are available in Netpeak Checker, a separate subscription intended for bulk SEO analysis based on a variety of parameters.

 Site Optimization

Even seemingly minor errors can impact SEO performance, so Netpeak Spider’s SEO crawler checks for broken images and links, duplicate content, and more. Cleaning up these issues will have a significant effect on visibility and traffic.

 White Label Reports

With Netpeak Spider, you can quickly generate white label reports covering some of the most relevant areas of onpage analysis. White label reports are automatically saved as PDFs, and you can upload your logo and contact information for branded reports. Keep in mind that this feature is only available to Pro members.

 Data Segmentation

Along with large-scale reporting, Netpeak Spider also provides thorough segmentation tools to help monitor performance using criteria like click depth, site structure, and word count. Fine-tuning site analysis for specific segments is particularly effective for extracting actionable insights from large websites rather than attempting to evaluate the entire site at once.

 Multi-domain Crawling

Multi-domain crawling allows you to crawl multiple domains at the same time instead of each one separately. Along with white-label reports and search query exports, multi-domain crawling is one of the three features limited to Pro subscriptions.

 PageRank Calculation

The Netpeak Spider PageRank checker analyzes your website’s link weight and looks for problems with internal linking to help optimize your backlink profile. It automatically displays dead ends, redirects, orphans, and other issues along with each URL’s internal PageRank.

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Interface and in Use

After sign-up, you’ll be invited to download the Netpeak Spider launcher. From the browser, you can view your user profile and active subscriptions and licenses, along with more helpful information.

Unfortunately, the launcher is currently limited to devices running Windows 7 and above, although you can sign up to be notified when it becomes available on Mac and Linux. There are currently no plans to move Netpeak Spider to mobile platforms.

The application itself has a relatively basic design and appears dated relative to other SEO programs. Features are divided into four tabs: Project, Tools, Settings, and Help. All things considered, the user interface is one of Netpeak Spider’s greatest weaknesses.

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Netpeak Software offers extremely helpful support and a wide range of informational resources. The Help Center contains answers to common questions covering every area of the application.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for in the Help Center, Netpeak Academy offers thorough courses on some of the most important functions, starting with basic SEO audits. You can also contact the company directly through email or over the phone.

While the website claims that managers are “at hand and ready to help,” there are no listed phone support hours. I called at 5:15 PM EST and received an automated response saying that they would call back on the next business day. If you’d rather engage on social media, the Contacts page has links to Netpeak Software’s Facebook and Twitter profiles.

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The Competition

As an SEO crawler, Netpeak Spider faces tough competition from established agencies. Screaming Frog, for example, provides many of the same features in its free plan, while its Premium plan is still more affordable than the cheapest Netpeak Spider subscription at £149 (roughly $195) per year.

Data segmentation is the main advantage of Netpeak Spider over similar applications. It’s one of the only SEO crawlers with powerful segmentation tools that narrow down reporting and gather more valuable data.

Final Verdict

Netpeak Spider has come a long way recently, with an October update finally introducing integration with Google Analytics and Search Console. On the other hand, it continues to lag behind the competition in terms of its flexibility and interface, particularly for businesses that run on Mac or Linux.

While Netpeak Spider is slightly more expensive than some similar platforms, it now includes enough features to be mentioned alongside services like Screaming Frog and DeepCrawl. Aside from the aforementioned problems with its interface, Netpeak Spider performs adequately as an SEO crawler.

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