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Mailbird Pro review

Keep on top of all your emails, appointments and other messages without switching between apps or browser tabs

TechRadar Verdict

Mailbird Pro is a superb, thoughtfully designed email client, and we expect it will become even stronger as more features and add-ons become available. If you have multiple email accounts, you'll wonder how you managed without it.


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    Unlimited email accounts

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    Connects to other messaging services

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    Unified Inbox displays all messages


    Mailbird Lite is one of our favorite free email clients, and the premium version – Mailbird Pro – is currently available at a huge discount of up to 99% for Black Friday 2017. That's an amazing deal for what you get.

    Mailbird Pro

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    Type: Email client

    Developer: Mailbird (opens in new tab)

    Operating system: Windows

    Version: 2

    Whereas the free version of Mailbird is limited to a single email account, Mailbird Pro lets you connect as many as you like. This is enormously useful, and the Unified Inbox lets you see the latest messages from all your accounts in a single convenient place. 

    Mailbird Pro can also connect to almost every social network and chat service you can think of. Only a small selection are visible during the initial setup process, but selecting 'Add ons' once you're up and running provides access to a huge range of tools and feeds. No more hopping between browser tabs and different desktop apps – everything is right at your fingertips

    Mailbird Pro can also connect to your calendar, providing a list of forthcoming appointments alongside your messages – a feature strangely missing from many email clients. 

    User experience

    If you already use an email client account details and messages can be imported with a couple of clicks.

    If not, enter the first email address you’d like to connect and Mailbird will look for the necessary server details. All the most popular providers are supported, including Gmail, Hotmail and Outlook, and any that aren't can be added manually. You can add more accounts any time via the main menu.

    Once that’s done, enter the password you usually use to log into your account, grant Mailbird permission to access your messages if prompted and you're ready to begin syncing. Mailbird can also connect to Facebook, enabling it to import profile pictures to make your inbox easier to navigate, and duplicated contacts can be merged.

    In addition to supporting unlimited accounts, Mailbird Pro lets you create multiple identities and signatures. Composing an email is as simple as hitting C and choosing an identity using the drop-down menu or a keyboard shortcut.

    One of Mailbird Pro's most useful extras is Undo Send, which sets a delay between you clicking the Send button and the message actually being dispatched, enabling you to cancel messages if you’ve made a typo, forgotten to add an attachment, or accidentally clicked ‘Reply all’ on a message sent to 500 people.

    These little touches are what really set Mailbird Pro apart from other email clients. For example, when syncing newly added email accounts, Mailbird begins with the most recent (and therefore most useful) messages and works backwards, unlike many other clients that start by caching messages you received several years ago.

    There's also an excellent Snooze tool that mutes email notifications between certain periods, on particular days – ideal if you sometimes have difficulty leaving your work at the office.

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