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Robust fleet management solution focused on safety

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A robust telematics firm that has immense experience in fleet management, and a commendable focus on safety.


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    Collision prediction

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    Focus on driver safety

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    Impressive customer support


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    Pricing not mentioned online

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Lytx is a comprehensive fleet management platform that focuses on improving safety, efficiency, and productivity by utilizing fleet tracking data. The company was founded in 1998 and takes pride in having assisted over 1.3 million drivers through a staggering 120+ billion miles of driving data.

Lytx, a San Diego, California-based company, develops and sells video-based telematics solutions worldwide. It uses driving data to train its AI and machine vision-based solution to accurately identify improper driving. The company also provides detailed information on various aspects of the fleet to enable decision-makers to concentrate on more critical tasks at hand.

Lytx: Pricing

Lytx, like many telematics providers, does not list its pricing or contract details on its website. This is likely because its pricing plans vary depending on the client's requirements, the solution they choose, the size of their fleet, and industry-specific needs.

Therefore, the company prefers that potential buyers contact their sales team directly, as they can help find the perfect solution that meets each customer’s unique needs. If you’re interested in their solution, you can go to their contact portal, fill out a form detailing your fleet’s requirements, and the Lytx team will contact you. 

In addition to pricing, the company has also chosen not to disclose basic information such as the minimum vehicle requirement or contract length. While we understand the business practicality of custom quotes, we would prefer some basic pricing info. Based on industry standards, you can expect a monthly payment plan to be available, and long-term contract options typically range from 12 to 36 months.

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Lytx: Features

Lytx uses video telematics to provide operators and decision-makers valuable fleet insights. Connected devices such as cameras, sensors, and video data form the foundation of its fleet management solution.

The company asserts that its solution uses a combination of video data, vehicle data, and machine vision technology to generate actionable insights. It also provides more comprehensive and detailed insights than those provided by regular telematics solutions.

Here are a few key features of Lytx’s fleet management solution:

Fleet Dashcams: Dashcams can help fleets increase efficiency, improve driver safety by providing video evidence in case of incidents, and provide proof of service or delivery. They can also help provide effective coaching to drivers by offering real-time in-cab alerts that remind them to stay focused while driving.

Lytx’s dashcams provide a 360-degree view of the vehicle and have a built-in trigger that records videos of incidents such as sudden braking, swerving, cell phone use while driving, and other dangerous driving behaviors.

The dashcams have the capacity to record continuously for up to 100 hours, allowing drivers to capture specific incidents when required. Additionally, this continuous recording can be remotely activated from the dashboard.

Fleet safety solution: Utilizing data from dashcams, sensors, and video data intelligence, Lytx's system can predict and mitigate the risk of collisions. It also recommends coaching for drivers based on their driving habits, contributing to enhanced overall fleet safety and uninterrupted service.

The company provides two programs that use its patented machine vision and artificial intelligence (MV+AI) technology to identify over 60 risky driving behaviors both inside and outside of the vehicle. Lytx's MV+AI technology categorizes and delivers video as comprehensive insights, and assists in tracking and monitoring driver risk. You can find this information in the company dashboard under the Risk Detection Service. With this program, you and your fleet managers can be made aware of driver habits that are most likely to result in a collision.

Lytx’s more comprehensive Driver Safety program provides highly effective coaching workflows, comprehensive reporting, and human-validated review, which helps businesses create lasting behavior change and improve their fleet performance.

GPS Tracking: Real-time GPS tracking allows operators to locate, track, and manage their fleet at any time. By combining this with dashcam footage, fleet managers can be "virtually" present with the driver during their drive, allowing them to then schedule technicians as needed.

GPS tracking can help businesses provide faster and better customer service, increased efficiency, and boosted productivity by ensuring that drivers follow the assigned route. Moreover, this also helps to save money on fuel costs.

For GPS fleet tracking, the company offers two distinct plans. The first plan has features similar to other service providers, such as vehicle GPS location, optimized routing, preset geofences, and third-party integration.

However, where Lytx really stands out is in their Fleet Tracking with video offering. This is a more advanced service that includes all the features of Lytx’s basic plan, plus additional video intelligence such as visual service confirmation, vehicle/equipment monitoring, and collision evidence.

Compliance: Lytx provides a web-based automated solution to help businesses stay compliant with DOT regulations such as ELD, Hod, CSA data analysis, DVIR management, and more. The Hours of Service Management feature helps businesses collect and review electronic logging devices (ELDs), paper logs, timesheets, or a combination of all three in a single system.

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Lytx: Support

Lytx offers support through phone, email, and a support portal on a 24/7 basis. The company has local helpline numbers for the US, UK, France, Ireland and South Africa.

Lytx’s self-support training materials include an online knowledge base, online training events, online courses and webinars, and the Lytx Compliance Services Portal. The contact details and links are all provided on the site, and the content is easy to access.

Its social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter are regularly updated. While updates on its Youtube channel are irregular, it did just upload two new videos in December 2024. 

Lytx: Final verdict

Lytx provides a comprehensive solution that can help businesses identify vehicles with potential high maintenance and operational costs. Employing artificial intelligence and machine learning, this established service predicts collisions and notifies both drivers and operators promptly. While we would prefer more transparent pricing, Lytx’s commendable 24/7 support, extensive feature set, and commitment to driver safety are noteworthy.

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