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Use Checkr to run background checks and get the benefit of more efficient hiring

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Companies that need to process larger number of background checks will find the speed and streamlined nature of checkr appealing, along with its ability to integrate with other apps in the HR workflow.


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    Fast processing

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    Largely automated

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    Online process

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    Easy to use


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    No clear pricing

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Checkr is an online software service that allows companies, particularly those with dedicated HR departments to carry out background checks. Launched back in 2014, the service can be used alongside other HR recruitment tools, which include the likes of Zenefits and Workable. As a result, Checkr helps to cut down on the time it takes to carry out efficient background checks, while also improving the accuracy of HR processes.

Checkr can be used by business of all sizes, from SMEs through to large corporations that need to deal with higher volumes of personnel, and the subsequent checks that go with it in order to keep the HR process moving. Checkr is frequently praised for its ability to be fast and efficient on returning background checks, which could make it an appealing proposition for businesses that need to recruit more effectively.


Checkr's main dashboard gives easy access to all the core tools (Image credit: Checkr)


How much you make use of Checkr is obviously going to be dependent on how frequently you recruit people and how ambitious your staffing requirements are going to be. Therefore, Checkr doesn't publish pricing so you’ll need to make contact with their sales team to discuss your plans. Checkr can subsequently tailor a package more carefully tuned to your HR needs. 

However, costs are likely to escalate if your company needs to expand its checks from a standard option through to a pro search. Additional charges will apply to other aspects of the service too such as employment and education verification plus driver checks. Again, these will depend on whether you require standard checks or pro level options.


Checkr can be used for varying levels of background checks depending on requirements (Image credit: Checkr)


Checkr provides universal appeal for companies that need to perform background checks swiftly. Due to its technology-based approach, that uses AI to improve its dynamic, Checkr is useful for companies that need to handle staffing needs quite quickly. Higher volumes of staffing, gig economy demand, hospitality and volunteer groups are all key areas that Checkr is able to deal with efficiently. 

The company claims to offer the most advanced solution on the market, driven by that artificial intelligence edge, which can be used to carry out criminal background checks as an example. These can be done as a standalone option or on a recurring basis and cover local, federal and international records. Similarly, it’s possible to carry out civil searches using municipal and federal level resources as well as covering non-criminal legal history. 

In addition, Checkr can be used for driver and motor vehicle history research, plus drug and health checks. There is also the provision for carrying out international checks covering areas such as criminal activity abroad along with following up on education and work history.

If you’re getting suspicious calls from a number that you don’t recognize, you may be able to use TruthFinder to identify its owner. In some cases, TruthFinder may even be able to reveal social media profiles or photographs associated with the number you are searching for.


Companies that process higher levels of checks can manage their accounts via the interface (Image credit: Checkr)


Many big, well-known companies have moved to Checkr because it has a reputation for providing a fast and efficient return when it comes to providing background check information. But while it’s favored by the likes of Uber, Netflix, Instacart and even recruitment giant Adecco to name but four, Checkr has plenty of appeal for smaller businesses too. The other bonus with Checkr is that it can be easily integrated to work with other apps in the company HR arsenal, meaning that it’s far easier to join up all of the dots when you’re looking to recruit, especially on a fairly rapid basis.


Checkr offers the ability to produce detailed reports on every aspect of a candidate (Image credit: Checkr)

Ease of use

One of the main draws with Checkr is its speed and simplicity of use, which is largely dictated by he way it calls on AI to beef up its workflow. Carrying out background checks is normally time intensive and relies on pulling in information from a wide variety of resources. Checkr helps to streamline the process by pulling data from those different areas and then running it through its machine learning system. Using automation for a lot of the processes therefore means much of the normal legwork is reduced, with the added benefit of having background check results returned that much quicker.


Support is available both for HR departments using the system and also candidates too (Image credit: Checkr)


There are two options when it comes to support via Checkr, with one half of its help center offering assistance to candidates and the other aimed at customers. The former is obviously targeted at anyone who has had a background check carried out, while the latter is focused more on the person or department that carries out checks. 

This Checkr hub is also the place to visit if you wish to submit a request to the support team, explore the documentation or get more general tips, tricks and advice on how to get the best from the service. Usefully there are plenty of user guides on partner integrations too, allowing you to explore how best to use Checkr with the likes of BambooHR, LinkedIn Talent Hub or Rippling, to name but three of many options.

Final verdict

Checkr aims to ramp up the HR process with its innovative approach to background checks. Using its AI-based focus the company is able to move swiftly and accurately to deal with every facet of the background check process, ranging from providing insights into criminal records through to returning data on overseas employment history and qualifications. Checkr says that it aims to process searches in under 48 hours, and for many businesses that need to fill positions quickly and efficiently the speed factor could prove very attractive. 

Handling background checks is a sensitive business however and dealing with lots of data from multiple sources is always going to be problematical. While Checkr might not be perfect, like most other organisations that fill this sector, its machine learning infrastructure does give it a healthy edge over rivals.

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