Brivity CRM Review: Pros & Cons, Features, Ratings, Pricing and more

Can Brivity CRM supercharge your real estate business?

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TechRadar Verdict

With extensive user support, detailed tutorials, intuitive features, and a simple interface, Brivity CRM streamlines daily processes and delivers quality client service assistance for real estate agents.


  • +

    Easy to get started and has a simple interface

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    Frequently updated with new features

  • +

    Strong focus on transaction and listing management

  • +

    Helps provide a brilliant experience for clients


  • -

    No free plan

  • -

    Paid plans are expensive

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    Not as many marketing add-ons as other platforms

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Relationship nurturing and management is crucial for real estate businesses that assist clients with the buying, selling, and renting of property. This can feel like a huge task, but a good customer relationship management (CRM) tool can help streamline your daily processes and tasks.

While many agents have their own opinions on what constitutes the best CRM for real estate, the Brivity CRM stands out as a strong contender. Marketed as an affordable real estate platform with several add-ons at your disposal, this cloud-based CRM and management platform promises to enhance your business operations, helping you to close more deals and simplifying your everyday workload. 

Wondering if Brivity is up to the task? Our review below covers pricing plans, features, and interface functions—read on to see if it’s the right CRM platform for your business.

The Brivity CRM homepage listing the benefits of using the platform

Brivity CRM has been designed by top real estate agents for real estate agents. (Image credit: Brivity)

Brivity CRM: Plans and pricing

Brivity CRM has three different price points for its standalone CRM platform: Brivity CRM Basic, Brivity CRM Team, and Brivity CRM Brokerage.

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Brivity CRM plans and pricing
Plan nameFeaturesMonthly Plan *Billed monthlyAnnual Plan *Billed annually
Brivity CRM Basic- CRM available for 2 users - Connect with Gmail accounts - Task lists with due dates for both agents and clients - Dedicated client portal - Automated transaction management$99.99/month$1,000.99/month
Brivity CRM Team- All of the features of the Basic plan plus the ability to add up to 5 users$149.99/month$1,430.99/month
Brivity CRM Brokerage- All of the features of the Basic plan plus the ability to add up to 10 users$199.99/month$1,910.99/month

Additionally, there’s a selection of plans with supplementary add-ons available: Lite, Growth, Accelerate, Expand, and Mega. Each plan levels up in the number of users able to use the plan and offers additional tools alongside the Brivity CRM software. 

The Lite plan is best suited for smaller businesses or self-employed agents, as it enables just one user to utilize both the Brivity CRM platform and the Brivity IDX (Internet Data Exchange) add-on. This IDX tool enables you to create a customizable, responsive business website to help capture more leads and boasts a great search experience to encourage a higher return rate from website visitors. 

Alternatively, larger businesses will likely be drawn to the Mega plan. It includes the Brivity CRM platform and IDX add-on but also enables 25+ users. Mega plan users also benefit from the CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) software and KWKLY text tool. The CMA software helps you generate accurate CMA reports for potential clients. KWKLY harnesses the power of mobile to connect home buyers and agents, helping you capture important details of motivated buyers when they actively request listing information via their phones. 

All five plans can be viewed in more detail on the Brivity website. You can request a demo of each by signing up with your name, email address, real estate brand, and team size. If you’re happy with the plan you’ve tried, you will be able to access the price of it directly to decide if you wish to purchase.

Three pricing options for a monthly purchase of Brivity CRM

Alongside standalone CRM pricing, users can also decide between five additional Brivity plans (Image credit: Brivity CRM)

Brivity CRM: Features

Brivity CRM showcases many desirable features for real estate agents—here are a few of note.

App integration and tools

One of the most useful Brivity features is the simple integration of third-party apps into the platform. For instance, users can easily connect Gmail accounts to send and receive email communications within Brivity or connect multiple other apps via the App Store to keep everything in one place—this includes MailChimp, Google Contacts, Facebook Ads, and more.

If there’s a system that doesn't connect instantly with Brivity, you can utilize the help of Zapier. This is a separate system that you’ll have to sign up for separately before you can start ‘zapping’ contacts into Brivity. The free plan enables 100 contacts per month. You can upgrade to 1,000 contacts per month for $20 per month. Once set up, you can select the apps you want to connect with Brivity and let Zapier guide you through the rest.

Additionally, Brivity CRM includes optional add-on tools like the lead generation IDX website, additional CMA software, and SMS text marketing via KWKLY. While these require a higher-tiered plan, they are built directly within the platform and can be used right away.

Client portal and automated communications

Clients selling their homes appreciate being kept in the know. Brivity’s Client Portal is an impressive feature dedicated to enhancing transparency with client communications by showing them how things are progressing. 

The portal displays any tasks assigned to the client as well as recently completed tasks by their agent. The client has 24-hour access to their listings so they can remain in the loop, while agents can respond to client needs directly within the portal to streamline and simplify communications. This maximized transparency amplifies customer satisfaction, increasing both returning business and extra word-of-mouth referrals.

To further enhance the customer experience, market reports can be generated and sent within the Brivity system to keep past clients engaged. To ensure visitors keep coming back to your business, you can also nurture new leads and existing clients with mass emails and drip campaigns for new property listings.

Transaction and listing management

One of Brivity’s strengths is customer experience management, particularly once a lead becomes an established client. By offering listing and transaction automation, Brivity makes it easy for agents to support their clients. 

For example, it includes transaction task management features that enable you to automate texts, emails, and tasks based on custom dates and times. Brivity also offers Auto Plans with which you can automate transaction and listing activities.

The Marketing tab within Brivity includes tools for automatically promoting your listing to social media. Its modern landing pages are designed around lead capture, making the most of your listings and simplifying the process of posting them to social media. 

Brivity CRM: Interface and in use

Brivity aims to help agents increase productivity while providing an excellent service for clients, and this is clearly reflected in the interface. You can use Brivity on any web browser. Head to the Brivity CRM sign-up page to create your login credentials and provide further details about your team and intended usage of Brivity. Once billing information has been verified, you can start using the platform right away. 

All of the different tools within Brivity can make the platform feel complicated, but the interface is easy to navigate on both desktop and mobile. There are six tabs down the left-hand side of the main page—Tasks, People, Transactions, Projects, Marketing, and Calendar. The Tasks tab lists upcoming jobs and the date by which they need to be completed. You can also invite your client to view tasks to help keep everyone on top of the transaction.

There’s also a dedicated Brivity Go app for agents that enables you to stay on top of things while on the move. You can respond to messages, access web activity, and find new prospects via your dashboard within the app.

Brivity CRM: Support

There’s substantial support available for Brivity users. The contact page provides a support phone number and email address, a sales-specific phone number and email address, and the address of the company.

Brivity users can also utilize the Brivity CRM Help Center. Here, you’ll find video tutorials and FAQs on a variety of topics, including Getting Started, CRM Best Practices, and Integrations. All topic tutorials provide a high level of detail—most with accompanying videos—and can answer most queries your users may have.

At the bottom of the Help Center page, you’ll also find a few other helpful links, including a contact support form. You can fill this in with details of your issue and contact information. However, there isn’t a response time limit stated for support to get back to you, so a phone call may be quicker for resolving your issue. 

If you want to connect with other Brivity users, share best practices, and discover new features, you can join the Brivity Masterminds Facebook group.

The main page of the Brivity Help Cente

There’s plenty of help and support available in the Brivity Help Center (Image credit: Brivity)

Brivity CRM: The competition

If you’re not yet sold on Brivity CRM, there are many alternatives to consider.

One of the most popular CRM solutions is Freshworks. It offers a customizable and intuitive interface, AI forecasting, a free plan, and plenty more useful tools to assist with business operations. Real estate agents can enjoy impressive automation tools to simplify everyday processes. Read our full Freshworks review to find out about pricing, tools, and the interface in further detail. 

Another solution is Zoho CRM, which we rated a solid 4.5 stars in our Zoho CRM review. This was due to solid features like contact management, email marketing, and sales automation features that can help you acquire new clients and assist in everyday operations. There’s also a free version available for up to three team members, which makes it more accessible for smaller teams with a more modest budget. 

Hubspot is another solid choice. Again, offering a free plan makes this a strong choice for small to midsize businesses, but this plan does come with limitations. However, as outlined in our full Hubspot review, the platform offers numerous useful tools like contact and lead management, over 300 third-party app integrations, and a powerful interface that's both intuitive and simple to use.

Brivity CRM: Final verdict

While Brivity isn’t the cheapest CRM solution on the market, Brivity reviews across the web sing the praises of the platform—and for good reason. With extensive user support, in-depth tutorials, intuitive features, and an easy-to-use interface, Brivity helps to streamline daily processes and deliver quality assistance in areas real estate agents require. 

While there aren’t as many marketing add-ons as certain CRM platforms, some agents may prefer another one of the best CRM platforms for real estate. Additionally, the lack of a free plan can make it feel less accessible. However, Brivity is certainly a strong choice for teams with a larger budget to spend on the software.

Need more information about real estate CRM? Check out our article explaining what a CRM is for real estate in further detail. If you’re still unsure if Brivity is right for you, check out some more of the best CRM software platforms on the market.

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