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Remote Solutions Universal remote review

Does pretty much what is says on the box

Our Verdict

Banish batteries forever with this environmentally friendly remote that controls up to six devices

Remote Solution's Battery Free Universal Remote is fully charged for seven-days after turning its dial 50 times clockwise the first time around, and 30 times thereafter. The remote can control up to six devices and programming is as simple as entering a three-digit code for the make of the device from a list of supported brands in the instructions. A handy five-step quick guide is also found to its rear.

The silver-and-blue plastic design is not particularly stylish and rather basic in layout, but the remote feels solid enough. Programming was easy but gobbled up power in scanning mode and proved a bit hit-and-miss when manually entering different codes. However, this type of design is the start of greater things to come as it does away with batteries for good, making it environmentally friendly and dirt-cheap to run. Lisa Keddie