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OCZ Behemoth Laser gaming mouse review

A budget option for the uncompromising gamer

Behemoth Laser gaming mouse
The Behemoth gaming mouse is a bit on the cheap side but it will serve you well regardless

Our Verdict

It may not make us want to give up our G9's but for the budget concious gamer this is a great choice


  • Nice and cheap
  • Accurate performance


  • Cheap feel
  • Bright on full DPI

When it comes to clicky rodents, there are two pieces of crucial advice PCFormat gives: buy a Logitech G9, or, if you're richer, buy a Microsoft wireless X8. But we realise that in these dark days of crunchy credit, not everyone has upwards of £40 to spend on a mouse.

Coming in at just £20, OCZ's Behemoth is an attractive option for people who are skint and currently mouseless. But is it any good?

The Behemoth certainly feels like a £20 mouse. Logitech and Microsoft's options are positively opulent compared to this hunk of rubberised plastic. It's by no means uncomfortable to use, but the clicking action doesn't feel all that positive, and the DPI selection button requires no less than a strike from the fist of Thor to operate it.

Also, on maximum DPI there's a blue light so blinding it's like staring into Dr Manhattan's anus [Ed - so this is what Henry likes to do on the weekend].

It is, however, surprisingly fully featured for a comparatively cheap mouse. Flick a compartment open on the bottom of the mouse and you've got access to various mini-weights, and the DPI can be switched in increments from 100 to 3,200, and saved in profi les for quick access.

The Behemoth mouse isn't quite enough to prise the collective PCFormat hand from its G9, but it is a decent little mouse. If you're a gamer on a budget you could do far, far worse than this.

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