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Genius LuxeMate 600 Laser review

Genius fails to reach its normal high standards

This budget wireless set feels rather unpleasant by Genius' usually decent standards

Our Verdict

The mouse is fine but the keyboard is enough reason to avoid this one


  • Reasonable mouse

    Attractive price


  • Awful keyboard

Genius is damn good at its budget peripherals as well as the more high-end PC playthings. Sadly, this budget wireless set feels rather unpleasant by its usually decent standards.

The mouse works fine, if a little over-sensitive, and feels fairly solid and weighty. The keyboard, though, doesn't feel in any way satisfying to use. The keys aren't very responsive and leave you feeling like you've been typing in thick custard after only a few lines.

With the mixture of a cramped key set and trouble pressing in the top row of keys, there's little here to recommend.