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Kood Straight Flash Bracket review

Simple and lightweight solution for off-camera flash use

Kood Straight Flash Bracket
Fix flashguns in the exact position you want them in


  • Very cheap
  • Lightweight
  • Generous use of rubber


  • Could be longer to accommodate a wider variety of cameras
  • Unrefined design
  • Bends under pressure

Moving a flashgun away from its default mounted position can often provide a more flattering illumination, although hand-holding it can be awkward.

Flash brackets provide an answer by keeping a flashgun in a set position while enabling both to be supported easily by the user, and the Kood Straight Flash Bracket is about as simple as they come.

Around 20cm in length, the bracket is dominated by a textured rubber strip on its top, while a tripod screw runs down its centre. The screw's threaded base enables it to be mounted on a tripod, while another thread can be found to the side of the strip, should it be required.

The bar's only additional feature is a metal hotshoe at one end.

The bar itself is made of metal and is roughly the same thickness as a British pound coin. This, together with a weight of just 69g, means that it can be easily slipped inside practically any camera bag and stored without any hassle.

Once a camera is mounted on the bar, the screw sits tightly in the camera's thread while the rubber ensures it doesn't move around.

As with other camera bars, there's no electronic connection between the camera and flash until - the two are connected with a cable, so this additional cost also needs to be factored in.


It's a simple device and it does what it sets out to do, although with slightly larger camera bodies, such as the Nikon D700 or Canon EOS 5D Mark II, the lack of space between the camera body and flash may be problematic.