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Royole's flexible displays promise a future of foldable phones and smart hats

Royole flexible display

Ever fancied a phone that you could wrap around your wrist, or build into your clothes? At IFA 2018, Chinese company Royole has shown off its range of fully-flexible displays, including panels built into a ski jacket – and a top hat.

A bendy screen is just one of the components necessary to make a foldable phone or smart coat, and Royole also makes a range of flexible sensors, circuits and other electronic systems to make these products possible.

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Shape of the future

“While curved displays have been the talk of the tech world this summer, Royole has developed and is now mass-producing the next generation of fully flexible displays,” said Dr Bill Liu, founder and CEO of Royole.

"Our  engineers  are  currently  working  with  over  220  partners  worldwide  to  change  the  way  people  interact  with  technology  in  their  personal  environments."

Royole might not be a household name outside China, but with flexible devices like Samsung's long-awaited foldable phone on the horizon, its tech could soon be in high demand.

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